I am Nicole Russo, a professional style consultant who uses fashion to change people’s lives.

I build self-acceptance and conviction so you can express your personal style freely, and dress for the life you want. My clients are image conscious, goal-oriented individuals who want to discover themselves and life’s possibilities. My services supply the tools, knowledge and inspiration to get you there.

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Favourite Hair Care Products

Favorite Hair Care Products

I recently posted my favorite makeup and skin care products. My hair care approach is even simpler. I do not invest in super expensive shampoos and conditioners. As long as it is a color protecting formula, I find most are suitable. Alternatively, a great haircut is worth spending the extra money on. Most women have some hair challenges; I have naturally thin and flat hair. In order to give it extra volume and body, the correct products go a long way.

Lips and Loops

Lips and Loops

Having a place to go everyday that allows me to wear whatever I want causes me to see-saw between dressing overly casual or a dolled up lady heading out to a fancy lunch. On this particular day, I attempted to find some middle ground. Ya know, that space between comfortable boyfriend jeans and bright lipstick. Also, I figured a leather tank would compensate for my flats.

Favourite Skin Care Products

Favourite Skin Care Products

As I mentioned in this post on my favorite makeup, my skin was troublesome almost my entire life. From the age of thirteen I had acne.  In my late twenties it became cystic and traveled to my chin and jawline. Like many, I tried everything. Thanks to my amazing dermatologist, Dr. Shari Marchbein, it has been perfectly clear for the past two and half years.

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