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A lot of people are saying that this one is much better than Jinkees cover because it is natural, meaning the photo is not photoshopped because KC still looks like KC in the photo. But what about the body. Honestly, I am not sure how KC is shaped, but I noticed that there is an unnatural shadow on the back where the upper edge of her corset fell. The shadow of her butt cheeks looks like an artwork, too.

Fashion Face-Off

Gone were the days when we were told to dress appropriate with our  age. In Hollywood, celebrities with 10,sometimes more than 20 years age difference can wear same style of clothes and both of them still look fabulous. Look the photos below; On this photo, I considered Jen Aniston the winner, yes,shes older than Akesha, but that doesnt stop her in wearing this one, the showing of her cleaveage add more sexyness to it. With Lea Michele and Sandra Bullock, no need to say anything.

Love That Slit!

Photos thru OMG! from Yahoo!  We have to admit, not all legs are the same, and not all legs are worth showing off.  As always, for every rules, there is an exception and this time, its Kristen Stewart.  Shes showing off her legs with this oh-so gorgeous gown by J. Mendel on the premiere night of Breaking Dawn. I bet when he created this design, he literally thinking of Kristen because its like a match maid in heaven.  I love her simple belt that matched  her Jimmy Choo pump.

The 10 Worst Trend Of 2011

Kim Kardashians fashion style is on top of the list! 1. Spider lashes The clumpy top and bottom eyelashes that result from a zillion coats of mascara made a dramatic appearance on celebs like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj. The downside is lumpy, messy mascara that takes double the time to take off that it did to put on. Its a nightmare, said X Factor style team member Kristofer Buckle. Chanel makeup artist Rachel Goodwin, who works with Lea Michele and Emma

Black Blue

Black and Blue is not considered as a usual combination because both colors are somewhat dark. But not with Salma Hayek during the premiere of Puss In Boots, whom belong to a very few celebrity who could carry such color combination with class and elegance. I really like the simple style and the ruffle lace on chest area. The dress style and color really compliment her petite beauty. The  Yves St. Laurent taffeta fit perfectly to the leather platform pumps.

Celeb Fashion Disaster

LJ wanted his style to reflect his warm heart and approachable personality, but without the tools to dress in a way he liked, he wore whatever was available and gifted throughout the year…

Alex is a sweet, Floridian transplant, with an eye for unique and courageous style. Whether picked up during her travels to Thailand and Italy, or here in NYC, she has many special pieces…

Teri’s old school style is challenging to fit into modern settings. She wanted to learn how to incorporate her love of vintage into everyday, while still being true to her established style…

After telling Dory I was a style consultant, she mentioned she watched TLC’s “What Not To Wear” regularly, but was still confused on how to dress…

Its The Hair That Counts

Photos From OMG,Yahoo! This three lovely ladies wore the same gorgeous dress in three different occasion.Three of them absolutely look great. But theres only one thing that set one apart from the two, its not the shoes, not the bag/pouch, not the accessories, but its the hair. I must admit that Eva Longorias updo hairstyle make her look more elegant than Katharine McPhee and Katie Cassidy.Although for the shoes, I like McPhees Jimmy Choo sandal.